Jim Sciutto answers your Twitter questions on Paris

 Demonstrators make their way along boulevard Voltaire in Paris during a unity rallyon Sunday following the recent terrorist attacks. An estimated one million people took part.

Washington (CNN)In the aftermath of the terror attacks in France, there is still a large conversation online regarding the investigation into who is responsible, the U.S. response and what next steps should be taken.

CNN Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto has been covering this story in depth from Paris. He reached out on Twitter Monday to answer many of the questions from people around the world.
Here's a recap of the chat:
Many inquired about the details of the investigation and how the events unfolded:
    Sciutto also fielded several questions about how Paris is, and should be reacting to the attacks:
    A number of people asked about the unity rally and why the U.S. didn't send a high-profile official.
    Editor's note: This Twitter chat took place before the White House admitted it erred by failing to send a higher-profile representative to the Paris unity march on Sunday.
    Others wondered about the nature the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, France's laws regarding Muslim face coverings, and CNN's coverage on the deadly attack in Nigeria.