Cornyn: GOP won't defund Homeland Security

Top Republican Sen. John Cornyn says GOP will support funding the Department of Homeland Security despite immigration action concerns.

Washington (CNN)Republicans will still try to block President Barack Obama from implementing his immigration overhaul -- but they won't risk funding for the Department of Homeland Security to do it, Sen. John Cornyn says.

The Texas Republican said Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation" that the GOP will in "a targeted way to try to address and defund" what he called an "unconstitutional" executive action to limit deportations for the undocumented parents of U.S. citizens.
"But we're not going to take any chances with the homeland," Cornyn said.
    The GOP had insisted in a December budget deal that funding for the Homeland Security Department end on Feb. 27 -- rather than running through much of the rest of the year, as the rest of the funding measure did.
    That means Republicans have a chance to try to block Obama's action by eliminating funding for the agency that implements immigration policies -- or at least parts of it.
    But after the Paris attacks, GOP leaders have rushed to say they won't put the entire department at risk. Cornyn did insist, though, that the GOP will still force a confrontation with Obama over immigration.
    "His unconstitutional executive action is something that we are not going to take lying down. It's something I think we are obligated to respond to," Cornyn said.