Bush aide fights report of $100 million fundraising goal

(CNN)Jeb Bush's team is fighting a new report that the former Florida governor's allies aim to raise $100 million in the first quarter of this year as he gears up for what's seen as a likely presidential campaign.

Bloomberg, citing multiple unnamed Republican sources involved in finance meetings with Bush's team, says the strategy is designed to scare off other potential GOP challengers in the early stages of the 2016 GOP presidential race.
Fundraising efforts will focus on three of the nation's biggest campaign cash wellsprings: Texas, New York and Florida.
    Kristy Campbell, Bush's spokeswoman, said in a statement to CNN on Friday that "these alleged goals are not accurate."
    "Governor Bush has not had an active political organization until now. He is just in the initial days of reaching out to people and making plans to support conservative causes and conservative candidates in the coming months," she said. She gave Bloomberg the same comment.
    The ambitious goal mimics a similar tactic taken by Bush's brother, George W. Bush, in his 2000 White House bid, when he raised $37 million in the first half of 1999 and $29 million in the third quarter, Bloomberg notes.
    Meanwhile, Bush associates have approached some bundlers to raise $100,000 in 100 days, a Republican fundraising source confirmed to CNN.
    Earlier this week, Bush and his supporters launched two political action committees, one of which can raise unlimited amounts of money.