Boxer's interviewer has politics in his blood

Sen. Boxer: I will not run in 2016
Sen. Boxer: I will not run in 2016


    Sen. Boxer: I will not run in 2016


Sen. Boxer: I will not run in 2016 01:20

Washington (CNN)Sen. Barbara Boxer announced her retirement in a fake video interview with her 19-year-old grandson -- and he's catching some attention for his own political pedigree.

Zach Rodham has the rare distinction of coming from the families of two U.S. senators: His father is Tony Rodham, the youngest brother of former New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, and his mother, Nicole Boxer, is the daughter of the retiring Sen. Boxer.
Wearing shorts and a golf shirt, Rodham starts the video by asking: "Grandma, have you made a decision regarding the 2016 Senate race?"
    He also asked if "the constant fighting in the Senate" influenced her decision, if she's retiring from public life entirely and if her age has anything to do with her decision.
    According to his Facebook profile, Rodham grew up in Washington, but has since moved to Los Angeles, where he's a student at the University of Southern California -- on track to graduate in 2017.
    Rodham's appearance drew attention on Twitter -- and even a sarcastic comparison to Tim Russert's son, Luke, who works for MSNBC.