Adorable fan-made mashup delivers twice the Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt stars as Owen in this summer's "Jurassic World."

Story highlights

  • The video combines his "Parks and Recreation," "Jurassic World" characters
  • The "Jurassic Park" sequel will be released in June

(CNN)More Chris Pratt equals even more awesome.

The "Guardians of the Galaxy" star appears in an adorable fan "pop culture mashup" You Tube video of two of his projects, "Parks and Recreation" and the upcoming "Jurassic World."
Scenes with Pratt's "Parks" character Andy Dwyer are spliced into the trailer for his new film, in which he plays Owen, a member of the staff at the Jurassic World theme park.
    The loveable and goofy Dwyer announces that he can serve "Security. Sweets. Body Man. Javelin, if need be," and Owen warns that a hybrid, genetically modified dinosaur is highly intelligent and has the ability to "kill anything that moves."
    The video, posted by Thanks Mom Productions, is not the best editing job in the world, but who cares when it means double the Chris Pratt?
    "Jurassic World" will be released June 12.