Walker, Christie trash talk ahead of NFL playoff game

(CNN)New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, potential GOP presidential rivals, took shots at each other Wednesday in some pre-game banter that's underscored with some 2016 tension.

It all started when Walker -- ahead of Sunday's Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers playoff game -- tweeted a photo of a Packers fan wearing a cheesehead hat with the words "OWNER" on it, along with the caption: "This is the type of owner I'll be looking to hug after a #Packers win on Sunday."
But the tweet wasn't just a playful taunt about football. It appears to be a deeper dig at Christie's now-infamous bro session with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones at this past Sunday's game in Dallas against the Detroit Lions.
The New Jersey governor's longtime loyalty to the Cowboys came in full view after he was seen on camera bear-hugging the Jones following the team's comeback victory.
    On top of outraging football fans in his own state — and basically anyone else who hates the Cowboys — Christie took heat for mingling in the owner's box and attending the game courtesy of Jones.
    The Green Bay Packers, however, have no owners. It's the only NFL team owned by the fans through public shares, and Walker's tweet draws a sharp contrast between him and Christie as the 2016 presidential race starts to get underway.
    A few hours later, Christie responded with a superimposed image of himself joining a hug between Walker and one of Walker's sons on the night the Wisconsin governor survived a 2012 recall. "Don't worry... there are enough awkward hugs to go around," Christie's Twitter read.
    Christie said in a radio interview Monday that he hopes to go to the game at Lambeau Field this weekend. Asked if he'll pay a visit to Walker, Christie said: "Of course. Scott and I are friends, and I'll see Scott."
    Tension between the two bubbled to the surface in the fall when Walker said the Republican Governors Association — chaired by Christie— wasn't giving his re-election campaign enough money, though Christie traveled to Wisconsin twice to campaign for Walker.
    Walker later clarified that he considers Christie a "good friend" and that he was grateful for his support, according to Politico.
    Neither Walker nor Christie have announced presidential bids.