Folks who've made Paul McCartney famous

Paul McCartney: Have you heard of him?

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  • Ex-Beatle's song with Kanye West leads to jokes about "Who is Paul McCartney?"
  • McCartney has had a bit of success on his own
  • He's had partnerships with Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder

(CNN)As always, the Internet has jokes.

"Who is Paul McCartney?" trended on Twitter this week thanks to Kanye West's collaboration with the former Beatle, "Only One." Apparently people were pleased that the rapper was helping shine a spotlight on a new talent.
    Many of said tweeters have since said they were just joshing, but we see your fooleywang, people of social media, and we raise the stakes. West isn't the first to try to make this McCartney guy famous. Here are some other folks who tried to boost the fortunes of this obscure Liverpudlian.
    Michael Jackson
    McCartney really got a boost from the superstar when the pair released "The Girl Is Mine" in 1982 and followed up with the single "Say, Say, Say" -- which hit No. 1 -- the following year. The King of Pop clearly had a soft spot for the up-and-comer, as he also purchased the rights to the Beatles catalog of music. Apparently, this McCartney fellow is a noted songwriter, too!
    Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson in the studio in 1983.
    Tracey Ullman
    Ullman did her fellow countryman a solid by giving him a cameo in the 1983 music video for her single "They Don't Know." She went on to become pretty famous as a comedic actress.
    Stevie Wonder
    Leave it to a legend like Wonder to help an aspiring artist.
    McCartney wrote this one solo, and Wonder hopped on the track in 1982. The song spent a few weeks at the top of the pop charts. Why it didn't put Macca on the map, well, who knows?
    Dave Grohl
    The rocker attempted to show McCartney how it's done when they worked together on "Cut Me Some Slack," which appeared on the soundtrack for Grohl's 2013 documentary "Sound City."
    The pair jammed with Pat Smear on guitar and Krist Novoselic on bass as Nirvana, one of the leading bands of the '90s, tried hard to raise McCartney's visibility.
    John Lennon
    Though this list is not exhaustive, it wouldn't be complete without a mention of the late John Lennon.
    Were it not for this partnership, the world wouldn't have such classics as "A Day in the Life" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand." They met as teens in the 1950s and later were integral members of a little group you may have heard of called the Beatles.
    That Paul McCartney might have legs yet in the music industry.
    Paul McCartney, second from left, with The Beatles in 1964.