Nasty lawsuit inspires #ShadesofRevlon hashtag

Revlon CEO Lorenzo Delpani, at right with company investor Ron Perelman and actress Olivia Wilde, is facing a lawsuit.

Story highlights

  • Revlon chairman says CEO "has my full support"
  • Lawsuit accuses Revlon CEO of being racist
  • Twitter responds with #ShadesofRevlon
The accusations against the Revlon CEO are ugly -- but that doesn't mean Twitter can't pretty them up with some humor.
According to the New York Post, the cosmetics company's CEO, Lorenzo Delpani, is being sued by a former company scientist, Alan Meyers, who is alleging discrimination.
Meyers says in the suit that the Italian-born Delpani expressed disdain for such groups as Jews, blacks and Americans as a whole. According to the suit, Delpani said he could "smell a black person when he entered a room," noted that "Jews stick together" and said Americans were "small-minded" and "dirty."
A Revlon representative told the Post that the suit was a product of an unhappy ex-employee. Meyers was let go because he "repeatedly demonstrated critical lapses in judgment and failed to perform at the high standard we demand of our employees," she said.
Revlon Chairman Ronald O. Perelman said in a statement, "I know Lorenzo as an executive and as a person. ... He is among the least bigoted or biased human I have ever known. He has my full support."
Nevertheless, the kerfuffle hasn't stopped wags on Twitter from making the hashtag #ShadesofRevlon trend, whether out of outrage or comic potential.
"Don't forget #ShadesOfRevlon's fragrance line: Dirty Americans perfume, Black Room cologne, & Yiddish Smell of Success. Last 2 KKK-approved!" wrote Chris Six.
"Malcolm X-foliating cream," suggested Ryan Dalton.
It may be a while before some customers kiss and make up with the makeup giant.
To a tweet that said, "Black twitter will NEVER let you off the hook," the Kitchenista was in blunt agreement.
"Not ever," she wrote.