Are these the weirdest app ideas of 2014?

Story highlights

  • With hundreds of thousands of new apps coming out each year, developers are keen to come up with original ideas
  • As a consequence, some developers come up with wacky concepts to open up a new niche in the market
  • "Hug Me" is an app that connects you to strangers to receive a free hug

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(CNN)There's an app for that. But maybe there shouldn't be. With hundreds of thousands of new apps being released each year, it's becoming difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Most developers seem happy to just steal some thunder from the most popular of the bunch, while others strive to create a new niche. But the road to originality is paved with really questionable ideas. After all, as the great philosopher Jerry Seinfeld once said: "Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason".