The future of smart cooking at home

Published 7:07 AM EST, Mon December 22, 2014

Story highlights

Chef Hari Ghotra explores new digital innovations in home cookery

Tablets and mobile devices are making their way into the kitchen, providing handy recipe hints

Futuristic saucepans can cook food 40% faster than our traditional utensils

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The digital revolution continues to have a huge impact on all aspects of modern life and home cooking is no exception. Cutting edge innovations are transforming our behavior in the kitchen. Here are six technologies and tools that are turning us into smart cooks.

Tablets and mobile devices

While we all love the feeling of buying and beholding a brand new cookbook, the wealth of recipes and cookery tips that can now be accessed online means that we are increasingly turning to our tech to find new content. Savvy chefs and publishers are ensuring that their recipes are available online in mobile and tablet friendly formats, appealing to today’s “always on” consumers.

Social media

The proliferation of social platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook have unleashed our sharing culture, making it easier to share recipes, foodie news and top hints and tips with our followers. In addition, social channels are making it possible for the public to interact with professional cooks and industry experts, in a more direct and immediate manner than ever before. YouTube videos are being used by chefs as a way of bringing recipes to life and bridging the gap between cookbooks and cookery classes. It’s now also possible to join in with live cookery demonstrations using Google Hangouts, allowing for even greater interaction between the pros and their audience at home.

Google Glass

Google Glass is a piece of wearable tech that could really shake things up in the kitchen. This smart eyewear has the ability to put users in the shoes of their favorite chefs, watching live or filmed tutorials as they cook. It also allows users to find and share recipes. The device is hands-free, making it ideal for the kitchen.

The iSpoon

With more and more of us following recipes on our tablets, the iSpoon kitchen stylus is a must for any contemporary kitchen. Cooks can now scroll through recipes and photos without getting their tablets dirty.

The Prep Pad

Described as a “kitchen nutritionist,” Prep Pad is a smart food scale that connects with the iPad over Bluetooth to show the nutritional value of food. It offers a breakdown of calories, fat, protein, carbs and vitamins, helping users create balanced meals.

The saucepans of the future

Flare with Fin-X technology is the name of a new range of saucepans that claim to cook 40% faster than traditional pans, thus saving both time and energy.

We’re starting to see a large number of innovations being developed for the home kitchen. While some have been overdesigned, others serve a real purpose and are already becoming commonplace in the home. The important thing is to ensure that we are using new technologies and tools as a way of enhancing the cookery experience and not as a way of replacing the skill and fun of cooking. Used in combination with our natural senses and instincts, they really are a recipe for success.

Hari Ghotra is founder and chief cookery officer of Hari Ghotra Ltd.