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ISIS is more than trending on Twitter

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Target email speaks to victims who are opposed to ISIS and asks for their help

It contains a link to a file sharing site, where a malicious file is hidden among photos

Malware is artless, and the writer encrypted it wrong

But it's dangerous: Being bare-bones makes it hard for security software to detect

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North Korea, with its previous technologically laggard image, may have just shocked the world with some alleged hacking savvy, but when ISIS comes to mind, so does the terrorists’ digital bent.

The Islamist militants renowned for their bloodthirsty beheading videos and slick social media propaganda, may have extended their skills into low-level hacking, a cyber-security human rights group believes.

The Citizen Lab obtained new malware that has targeted the ISIS opposition group “Raqqa is being Slaughtered Silently,” or RSS, and released an analysis of it Thursday.

The researchers from the University of Toronto can’t confirm that the cyberattack is coming from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, especially since the Syrian regime led by Bashar al-Assad has also used Trojan horse software to fight activists since 2011.