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If encouragement from major GOP donors and favorable polling isn’t enough, former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney now has a super PAC launched by an unknown benefactor urging him to run.

Reporters received a press release announcing the launch of the Ready for Romney super PAC Sunday night, with Boston resident Jeffrey Goff named as the group’s executive director.

No filings for the super PAC are yet posted on the Federal Election Commission’s website, however, and no one with that name has contributed to any Massachusetts races.

And the website suggests the effort is still in its infancy. An “about” page pitches Romney to run because he “is not a career politician,” and has rather “spent most of his life in the private sector, giving him intimate knowledge of how our economy works.”

It says that “in one chapter of his distinguished career, he reversed the decline of a state mired in recession,” a reference to his time as governor of Massachusetts, and also lauds his efforts to turn around the 2002 winter Olympics.

The group’s Facebook page is nonexistent, and a Twitter icon has no link attached.

Still, grassroots groups seeking to drive Democratic candidates into the presidential race have picked up traction, most notably Ready for Hillary, a super PAC launched to encourage Hillary Clinton to run, and Ready for Warren, a group focused on Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

And Romney has experienced a renaissance of sorts since his 2012 run, leading in recent polls of the potential Republican presidential field by huge margins and receiving encouragement from GOP donors.