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J.J. Abrams has revealed names of some "Star Wars" characters

He used old-school trading cards to do so

The cards don't reveal much other than the character names

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“Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens” director J.J. Abrams has come up with a nostalgic way to reveal the names of the movie’s characters.

We’ve known for months that “The Force Awakens” features fresh faces like John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac. We even got to see them in action in the movie’s first trailer, which was released the day after Thanksgiving.

But the lingering mystery was who exactly those actors are playing. Now, thanks to some clever retro-style trading cards, we know the names of their characters.

The Force is with the new ‘Star Wars’ trailer

Abrams teamed up with Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy to create a set of trading cards that are a callback to the ones issued with “Star Wars” debut in 1977.

The cards, which were unveiled by Entertainment Weekly, don’t tell us a lot; we pretty much just get a name and a small description.

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In other words, let the speculation begin.

According to the cards, Isaac, the X-wing pilot seen in the first trailer, is playing someone named Poe Dameron. We don’t know whether he’s a good guy or a villain, but that name isn’t exactly friendly.

John Boyega, the actor seen at the start of the trailer stressed out in his Stormtrooper suit, is playing someone named Finn. His card acknowledges that he’s “On the run,” which might fuel speculation that Boyega’s wearing Stormtrooper gear as a disguise.

And Daisy Ridley, the actress we see speeding through a desert landscape in the trailer, is playing a character named Rey. Earlier this year, rumors circulated that Ridley’s character was called Kira on set.

In addition to those three, Abrams also revealed the name of the cloaked figure wielding that heavily debated new lightsaber: That character is Kylo Ren.

Plus, we also learned that the little rolling droid at the beginning of the trailer is called BB-8, which Entertainment Weekly suspects will be as sweet as it looks.

That’s all Abrams has shared for now, but we’re still a long way off from “The Force Awakens’ ” release date. The movie is set to bow on December 18, 2015.

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