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Reince Priebus says he's running for a third term as Republican National Committee chairman

Priebus would be the longest-serving RNC chairman ever

Part of his tenure has included rebuilding the party's campaign coffers and broadening the GOP base

Washington CNN  — 

Reince Priebus says he has the votes to win another term as chairman of the Republican National Committee, an organization he successfully rebuilt following the 2010 midterm elections.

Priebus told RNC members of his plan to seek a third term in an email Monday night and said that 150 of the 168 party officials and political activists who make up the national organization have pledged to support him, according to a copy of the note obtained by CNN.

“With such support it is impossible for me to say no,” Priebus wrote. “Therefore, I write to seek your support for another term as RNC chairman. As some of you may have heard me say, thus far we accomplished about 80 percent of what we needed to accomplish with another 80 percent left to go. If we are going to win in 2016, we must build upon what we were able to accomplish over the last 4 years, and I ask for your continued support to make sure we do in fact accomplish that goal.”

When Priebus took over the RNC, it was $25 million in debt, which he helped to erase by convincing deep-pocketed Republican donors to start contributing again to the committee after the controversial chairmanship of Michael Steele.

After the 2012 election, Priebus focused the RNC’s efforts on upgrading the committee’s technological infrastructure and voter data as well as outreach to minority communities.

He commissioned a report, the “Growth and Opportunity Project,” that outlined ways for the GOP to grow its base. Republicans largely embraced the report, but social conservatives opposed a recommendation the party be more tolerant of people who are gay.

At this time, Priebus has no opponent in the race to lead the national party. Assuming he wins election to a third term at the RNC Winter Meeting in January, Priebus will be on track to be the longest-serving chairman in committee history.