Fighting rages in city devastated by war

Updated 11:31 AM ET, Wed December 3, 2014
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"Every time you open your eyes in Kobani, you see the damage," writes CNN's Nick Paton Walsh. "There are people still there, but it is hard to gauge how many." Nick Paton Walsh/CNN
"To the city's east, is the most hotly contested front line," Walsh says. "We are led there by Meedya Raqqa, the pseudonym of a 22- year-old Kurdish female fighter." Nick Paton Walsh/CNN
"Amid all the machismo war usually generates, it is jarring to see the defense of this city performed by women in their early 20s. They are very emotionally in touch with each other, often hugging. The polar opposite of ISIS's worldview." Nick Paton Walsh/CNN
"It is hard to know what will be left to celebrate once the fighting ends but... the intensity of the battle remains clear." Nick Paton Walsh/CNN