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Is a government shutdown in the future?

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NEW: Some conservatives pressing for changes to GOP plan

Republicans are working on a plan that would avert a government shutdown

GOP could vote on the plan next week

Congress must act before Dec. 11 to avoid a shutdown

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House Republican leaders are aiming to delay a challenge to President Barack Obama’s controversial immigration executive order until early next year in an effort to avoid a government shutdown next week, multiple House GOP members and aides told CNN.

Speaker John Boehner announced the strategy in a closed-door meeting of House Republicans Tuesday, where it was largely well-received by rank and file GOP members, although some conservatives are pressing for changes, according to multiple sources. Many members say they are still reviewing the details.

At a news conference afterwards, Boehner said his members realize their hands are tied on the immigration issue until Republicans control both chambers of Congress in January.

“I think they understand that it’s going to be difficult to take meaningful action as long as we got Democrat control of the Senate,” Boehner said.