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Cops: Shooter was 'American terrorist'
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Larry McQuilliams, 49, shot up downtown Austin last week; he was killed

Investigators found a map in his possessions that included 34 locations marked as targets

Authorities believe McQuilliams acted alone

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The man who shot up downtown Austin last week had the words, “Let me die,” written in marker on his chest, the city’s police chief said Monday.

Larry McQuilliams, 49, was killed outside police headquarters Friday, after opening fire at a federal courthouse and a Mexican consulate, which he also seemingly tried to set ablaze.

“Folks are saying that this man wasn’t trying to hurt anybody. I beg to differ.

“He shot at an occupied police headquarters. It’s occupied 24 hours a day, and by the grace of God we were able to dodge quite a few bullets here,” Chief Art Acevedo told reporters.

No one – besides the suspect – was killed or injured in the attacks, which the chief said could have been much worse.

He said investigators found a map that included 34 locations marked as targets in McQuilliams’ possessions.

The majority of the locations were either government buildings, including the ones that he attacked, or financial institutions, Acevedo said. The map included two churches.

Investigators also found a book, “Vigilantes Of Christendom,” the police chief said. Inside the book was a handwritten note that discussed McQuilliams’ rank as a “priest in the fight against anti-God” people, Acevedo said.

According to Christopher Combs, special agent in charge of the FBI’s San Antonio division, McQuilliams had mentioned to some people that he was upset because he couldn’t find a job and because, in his view, immigrants were able to get more services than he was.

Authorities believe McQuilliams acted alone.

“We were very lucky,” said Acevedo. “When you look at the fact that we had 34 buildings marked, I really believe that the men and women of the Austin Police Department saved lives.”

CNN’s Greg Botelho contributed to this report.