National Dog Show 2014

Updated 10:29 AM ET, Tue December 2, 2014
01 national dog show 201401 national dog show 2014
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Nathan, a bloodhound, won best in show at the National Dog Show on November 16 in Philadelphia. The show aired on NBC on Thursday, November 27. Bill McCay/NBC
A Spinone Italiano stopped to give an admirer a kiss at the show. Bill McCay/NBC
Dogs in the working group waited for the announcement of the top dog in their category. A Samoyed named Bogey won. Bill McCay/NBC
A mastiff was one of the competitors in the working group. Bill McCay/NBC
A young handler showed an American foxhound, the breed that won the 2013 National Dog Show. Bill McCay/NBC
A Coton de Tulear competed in the non-sporting group. It was the breed's first appearance in the show. Bill McCay/NBC
A Dalmatian competed in the non-sporting group. A French bulldog named Freda won that category. Bill McCay/NBC
A bearded collie named Zack beat out the competition in the herding category. Bill McCay/NBC