CNN Hero: Annette March-Grier

Updated 1:56 PM ET, Tue April 21, 2015
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Program participants and volunteers chant at the start of a Roberta's House peer support session in Baltimore. Annette March-Grier, center, founded Roberta's House to help children and their families cope with grief -- particularly the trauma of losing a loved one. David S. Holloway/CNN
"A child's grief over the loss of a loved one is often complicated by the loss of security and identity," said March-Grier, a bereavement counselor and registered nurse. "This shift can be very dangerous if there's no support system there." David S. Holloway/CNN
Kyron Chase, 7, holds up a leaflet from his father's funeral. Kyron and his mom have been attending sessions at Roberta's House, and his mom says he is opening up more about his feelings and his dad. David S. Holloway/CNN
Artwork is seen at Roberta's House, which has provided free grief support programs to more than 2,100 people since 2008. David S. Holloway/CNN
A young man writes about his feelings at Roberta's House. David S. Holloway/CNN
A photo of the late Julia March, March-Grier's mother and the inspiration behind Roberta's House. David S. Holloway/CNN
March-Grier answers phones inside her office at Roberta's House. David S. Holloway/CNN
Children and volunteers dance at Roberta's House. David S. Holloway/CNN
March-Grier poses with some of the program's participants. David S. Holloway/CNN
March-Grier visits the site where a new Roberta's House will be built in Baltimore. "We're giving families in this city a sense of hope," she said. "We're helping to heal wounds and bring families back together again." David S. Holloway/CNN