Flemish portraits of heroes, villains

Updated 1:29 PM ET, Mon November 24, 2014
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What if our favorite pop-culture heroes and villains had lived in the 16th century? That's the question French photographer Sacha Goldberger explores in "Super Flemish," a new collection of portraits published online this week. Goldberger styles his photos as formal oil paintings from the Flemish school of portraiture. Here, Batman and Robin pose in custom-tailored costumes. Courtesy Sacha Goldberger
Goldberger assembled a team of 110 people for his project, including five costume designers, seven makeup artists, five hairdressers and 60 actors. Here is his interpretation of the Joker from Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight." Courtesy Sacha Goldberger
Goldberger wants his portraits to reveal "an unexpected melancholy of those who are to be invincible." This one reimagines Christopher Reeve's Superman. Courtesy Sacha Goldberger
The photographer was fascinated by superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics. Here's his take on Iron Man. Courtesy Sacha Goldberger
The portraits also emphasize the humanity behind the characters. Here's Catwoman, complete with live cat. Courtesy Sacha Goldberger
The Incredible Hulk, going retro in a ruffled collar. Courtesy Sacha Goldberger
Wonder Woman. The costumes were created by French textile designer Jackie Tadeoni. Courtesy Sacha Goldberger
Spider-Man. "As science fiction meets history of art, time meets an inexhaustible desire for mythology which is within each of us," Goldberger says. Courtesy Sacha Goldberger
Goldberger, who was 9 when "Star Wars" first came out, was interested in reframing pop icons from his childhood. He added a series of characters from the movie, including Darth Vader. Courtesy Sacha Goldberger
Princess Leia. Goldberger's "Super Flemish" series was recently exhibited in Paris. Courtesy Sacha Goldberger
A "Star Wars" stormtrooper. Goldberger enlisted the 501st Legion, an international "Star Wars" fan organization, for help in replicating accurate costumes from the movies. Courtesy Sacha Goldberger
Chewbacca. Courtesy Sacha Goldberger
C-3PO, looking even fussier than usual. Courtesy Sacha Goldberger
R2-D2, who probably doesn't need a ruffled neckpiece to help save his human counterparts. Courtesy Sacha Goldberger
And, of course ... Yoda. Courtesy Sacha Goldberger