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Whoops: Obama forgets his Blackberry
Washington CNN  — 

He’s got a lot on his mind – can you blame him?

Friday afternoon President Barack Obama was scheduled to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to deliver a speech on his sweeping changes to the nation’s immigrations system, when he did something unusual.

He surprised the press, gathered on the South Lawn for his departure, by exiting Marine 1 shortly after he boarded.

Secret Service agents hustled to follow him as he walked briskly back to the White house and announced he had forgotten something inside.

After a short time the President reappeared.

“Do you guys ever forget something?” the President asked the group.

With a grin on his face Obama reached under his jacket to reveal the forgotten item. “Blackberry!”

The President boarded Marine 1 and the press watched it depart for Andrews Air Force Base as scheduled.

‘I made Obama’s BlackBerry’