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Rep. Darrell Issa called Jonathan Gruber to testify before a House committee

Gruber said Obamacare passed in part because of the "stupidity of the American voter"

President Barack Obama has distanced himself from Gruber and the remarks

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House Republicans are seizing on the opportunity to tie MIT economist Jonathan Gruber to President Barack Obama after a videos surfaced of Gruber insulting voters and saying Americans were mislead into supporting the President’s signature health care law.

Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-Calif.), who chairs the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, requested Gruber’s testimony in a hearing to “examine transparency failures related to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act,” according to a letter signed by Issa on Thursday.

Gruber made headlines earlier this month when videos emerged of him saying that the passage of the Affordable Care Act was largely because of the “stupidity of the American voter” and a “lack of transparency.”

Obama has distanced himself from Gruber and his remarks from over a year ago, calling Gruber “some adviser who never worked on our staff.”

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But Gruber appeared in a 2012 campaign video for the president, touting the similarities between the Affordable Care Act – now known as Obamacare – and GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s legislation in Massachusetts, which many say served as Obama’s blueprint.

There’s no word yet on whether Gruber will show up – but he has until Monday to make a decision.