GOP: Obama will regret immigration order
02:08 - Source: CNN
Boca Raton, Florida CNN  — 

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory joined other Republican governors Thursday and said he is open to suing the federal government if President Barack Obama issues an executive order that shields nearly 4 million undocumented immigrants from deportation.

McCrory, who runs the country’s ninth largest state, said he would consider filing or joining a lawsuit against the administration once Obama announces the action, which he is scheduled to do Thursday evening.

“I will look at it,” McCrory said in an interview with CNN at the annual meeting of the Republican Governors Association in Florida. “I have to look at the constitutionality of what the state’s powers are versus the actions coming from another branch of the federal government.”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — all potential GOP presidential candidates in 2016 — also floated the idea of a federal lawsuit at the RGA conference.

McCrory said immigration “is not just a Washington issue” and said states like his should be consulted on any changes to the law.

“North Carolina is not a border state, but it’s impacted by illegal immigration,” he said. “Our schools are impacted, our public safety is impacted, our health care is impacted, our economy is impacted, both in negative and positive ways. We have major international cartel activity in North Carolina. This is a huge issue.”

“The chief executives the states and our country are responsible for executing our law, not making the law,” McCrory said. “The president is now making new law by not enforcing existing law.”

“It must be challenged,” he said.