Cocaine in raw meat and other TSA finds

Updated 12:15 PM ET, Thu December 18, 2014
tsa gun playstationtsa gun playstation
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The discovery of parts of a .22-caliber semi-automatic handgun packed in a PlayStation 2 is one of the Transportation Security Administration's latest checkpoint finds. The man who had the gun packed in his carry-on luggage was arrested December 17 on a weapons charge at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, the TSA says. Courtesy TSA
TSA screeners say they found about 3 pounds of cocaine hidden in raw meat in a passenger's luggage at Mineta San Jose International Airport. Transportation Security Administration
The agency says a woman attempted to smuggle a gun and marijuana through Kennedy International Airport security inside baby wipes, coffee, floor dusting sheets and other household products. Transportation Security Administration
Officials also say a woman at Oakland International Airport filled three bags with 81 pounds of marijuana in an attempt to smuggle it to Mississippi. Courtesy Transportation Security Administration
In another smuggling attempt gone wrong, TSA officials found a thin vial of marijuana wedged inside a sticky jar of peanut butter in a passenger's luggage.
A gun with no cylinder inside a cutout book was discovered at Honolulu International Airport in 2012. Transportation Security Administration