Jennifer Lawrence’s amazingly awful Christmas carol

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Jennifer Lawrence butchered Christmas carols on David Letterman's show

Actress says she has a "tone-deaf Amy Winehouse voice"

She proved it by singing "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas"

CNN  — 

Is there anything Jennifer Lawrence can’t do? Actually, yes: She’s not the best when it comes to singing.

The Oscar winner admitted to David Letterman on his “Late Show” on Wednesday that she has a huge fear of singing in front of other people, and it all goes back to the time she sang a holiday song in front of her school as an 8-year-old.

“I do not like singing in front of other people,” Lawrence told Letterman. “I’m like, scarred from my childhood, because I had a mother who would tell me that I was amazing at everything and that I can do everything, but I can’t. So I sang in front of the school, because it was like, ‘I can do that! I can do anything!’ ”

Lawrence claims that she has this “tone-deaf, Amy Winehouse voice,” but when she broke into a rendition of “Have A Holly Jolly Christmas,” which is the song she performed way back when, Winehouse is definitely not who we were reminded of.

Lawrence actually had to face her fear of singing for the latest “Hunger Games” movie, “Mockingjay – Part I,” because she had to perform a song called “The Hanging Tree.”

She still hasn’t heard her performance in the movie, but she knows that moviegoers will.

“Everybody’s told me that it’s me,” she said, “because I was like, ‘will you guys please get Lorde to really sing it?’ And they said no, it’s really your voice.”

We’ll find out how she sounds when “Mockingjay – Part I” opens November 21, but we can already bet it’ll be better than her take on Christmas carols.