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Parties go head-to-head on immigration

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Republicans are debating how to confront Obama over immigration

Some GOP lawmakers say leaders shouldn't rule out a shutdown

Boehner told GOP he doesn't want a shutdown

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Congressional Republicans are vowing to fight President Barack Obama’s plan to make immigration changes through executive action, but they are struggling with how to do that without triggering another government shutdown.

The House and Senate need to pass a measure during the lame duck session to fund federal agencies, which will run out of money in mid-December. House conservatives are pressing Speaker John Boehner to attach language to the spending bill that would block any money for federal agencies to give out any new visas or green cards.

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But House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers, R-Kentucky, who is crafting a yearlong so-called “omnibus” spending measure, warned that effort could trigger a shutdown, and insisted no one wants to go down that road.