Holder: U.S. pushing other countries to beef up terrorism laws

Holder: "Our goal is to build the capacity to fight foreign terrorist fighters within the rule of law."

Story highlights

  • Justice Department dispatches lawyers to 14 countries to help prosecute foreign fighters
  • The U.S. is also pushing other countries to overhaul their laws to prosecute jihadists
  • Plan urges international "information sharing, investigations and prosecutions"
The Obama administration is sending prosecutors and law enforcement advisers abroad, and urging other countries to overhaul their laws to make it easier to prosecute people who return after being involved in terrorism.
Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that the Justice Department has dispatched lawyers to 14 countries -- four in the Balkan region and 10 in North Africa and the Middle East -- to work with policymakers there.
"These personnel will provide critical assistance to our allies in order to help prosecute those who return from the Syrian region bent on committing acts of terrorism," Holder said at press conference.
His comments came after Holder met with his European counterparts to discuss the issue.