These classes will teach you what school left out

Updated 9:50 AM ET, Tue March 10, 2015
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A wave of alternative learning facilities, like The School of Life in London (pictured), are popping up the world over, teaching life skills with practical projects and lighthearted fun. courtesy of the school of life
The School of Life has a range of classes specially curated to help out with many life problems such as worrying about money or learning how to be a better friend or leader. It also has a quaint shop, pictured, retailing a range of books shaped around their syllabus. courtesy of the school of life
In 120 minutes, LifeLabs will teach you to master a single skill. Whether it's learning the art of persuasion or how to perfect your body language -- these experimental labs work by teaching you the scientific background to a skill before getting you to practice what you've learned. The Enlightenment Lab (pictured), which looked at creating sparks of insight, took place in an abandoned subway connection hub. courtesy of Dirk Liedig
220,000 people have attended a class at General Assembly the world over, with campuses in the U.S., Hong Kong and Melbourne. Their specialty? Schooling attendees in the art of staying relevant in an increasingly digitized world. Their Digital Marketing courses are particularly popular. courtesy of general assembly
Brooklyn Brainery is a sort of social experiment where course subjects are dictated by attendees. The result is a constantly changing rota of interesting and unusual classes -- like soap making, how to survive a layoff and DIY printmaking -- all taught by experts. courtesy of brooklyn brainery
Recent classes have also included tapestry weaving, presentation skills and ... tree identification. courtesy of brooklyn brainery
3D printing seems to be everywhere these days and if your looking to get a piece of the fun, MakeLab in Toronto will teach you to 3D print, well, just about anything. courtesy of Teddy Shropshire
Hyper Island offer courses specifically geared to giving students a competitive edge in the workspace. Courses in digital marketing and strategy are offered all year round. And with a window covered in Post-it notes, you can only imagine how productive it is inside! courtesy of hyper island
Hyper Island have campuses in Stockholm, Manchester and Singapore. The also offer MA degrees for students looking to really amp up their knowledge. courtesy of hyper island