Rage, grief after killing of Christian couple

Updated 3:49 AM ET, Thu November 6, 2014
Pakistani Christian couple Pakistani Christian couple
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Relatives mourn the death of the couple, who were beaten and thrown into a kiln after allegedly desecrating the Quran in Kot Radha Kishan, Pakistan, November 5. Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images
Police identified the woman as Shyman Bibi Urf Shamar, and her husband as Sajjad Nasir Zurjah Nazir Nasir, seen here in this undated photo. AFP/Getty Images/Family Handout
Christians gather and pray for the couple after an act described as a "callous murder" by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). Arif Ali/Getty
Pakistan relatives pray at the site of the murder on November 5. The HRCP, said it appeared the incident stemmed from a dispute over money with the kiln's owners. It found no evidence that a Quran had been desecrated. Arif Ali/Getty
Pakistani members of a committee investigate the killing. The accusation the couple had desecrated the Quran was announced via a mosque loudspeaker, the HRCP said. Arif Ali/Getty
Pakistani Christians shout slogans to protest against the murder, which happened despite the presence of police. About four officers went to the site to urge the mob to give the couple up, but they were beaten up as well. Arif Ali/Getty