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Father: I want killer put to death

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"He has already taken my daughter's life, so he has to pay with his life," father says

The bodies of two Indonesian women were found in a Hong Kong apartment

A British investment banker who lived in the apartment has been charged with murder

Hong Kong abolished capital punishment more than two decades ago

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The father of one of the two Indonesian women whose bodies were found in an upscale Hong Kong apartment at the weekend has called for his daughter’s killer to be executed.

Police discovered the decomposing body of Sumarti Ningsih, 25, on Saturday stuffed in a suitcase on the balcony of a 31st-floor apartment in Wan Chai, a popular Hong Kong nightlife district. Another woman, Seneng Mujiasih, 29, was found on the floor of the apartment with her throat slashed.

Sumarti’s father, Ahmad Khaliman, says his daughter’s killer deserves to die.

“I demand that he gets the death penalty,” Khaliman told CNN affiliate Trans7 on Tuesday. “If not, I cannot accept it. He has already taken my daughter’s life, so he has to pay with his life.”

But his demand will almost certainly go unfulfilled; Hong Kong abolished capital punishment more than two decades ago.

Rurik Jutting, a 29-year-old British investment banker who lived in the apartment, has been charged with two counts of murder over the killings of the two women. He declined to enter a plea to the charges in a court appearance Monday.

Father ‘very shocked’

In documents submitted to the court, police say they believe Sumarti was killed on October 27, five days before her body was found. Mujiasih is thought to have been killed on Saturday, the same day that police say Jutting called them to the apartment.

The Indonesian Consulate in Hong Kong said Sumarti may have entered Hong Kong on October 4 and had permission to stay there until Monday.

She was from the Indonesian city of Cilacap, where her father and other family members are mourning her shocking death.

Khaliman held two framed photos his daughter as he talked to Trans7 in the family’s yellow bungalow in Cilacap.

He told the news agency Agence France-Presse that one of Sumarti’s acquaintances in Hong Kong told the family what had happened.

“We were informed by telephone that our daughter was murdered,” AFP quoted him as saying. “I was very shocked, especially when I was informed that it was hard to identify the body.”

Families want remains repatriated

Khaliman told AFP that Sumarti had first gone to Hong Kong in 2011 to work as a domestic helper and then returned to Indonesia in 2013. She went back to Hong Kong on two occasions after that, he said.

The families of both victims have requested that the remains of the two women be returned to Indonesia for burial, Michael Tene, a spokesman for the country’s Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

Indonesian authorities are working on repatriating the remains as soon as possible, he said, cautioning that it would take time.

“I want her to be buried in Indonesia,” Khaliman told AFP.

Jutting, who recently left his job with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, remains in custody until his next court appearance on November 10.

CNN’s Anna Coren and Kathy Quiano contributed to this report.