Snow slams Maine as South Carolina has earliest recorded snowfall

Story highlights

  • Maine's governor declares an emergency as parts of the state get 2 feet of snow
  • As of Monday afternoon, more than 127,000 homes in Maine are still without power
  • South Carolina receives its earliest recorded snowfall in history
  • Winds up to 70 mph hit coastal areas in Massachusetts and North Carolina
November made quite an entrance in the northeastern United States this year, bringing with it battering winds, unseasonably low temperatures and unprecedented snowfall.
An early winter storm brought nearly 2 feet of snow to parts of central and eastern Maine, with the community of Cary reporting 21 inches. The cities of Caribou and Bangor received about 10 and 12 inches, respectively. On average, Caribou receives 10.5 inches of snow in all of November, while Bangor typically receives only 2.3 inches, the National Weather Service said.
Maine Gov. Paul LePage declared a state of emergency Sunday afternoon, allowing for utility crews to drive additional hours to repair lines and restore power.
LePage expected power restoration to take "several days." Additional crews from New Hampshire and southern Maine are being brought in to help restore power to the affected areas.
"We've had salt trucks out around 7, 7:30 this morning," Dana Wardwell, Bangor director of public works, told CNN affiliate WABI. "It's extremely slippery out there. This is a wet snow, visibility is terrible. So even though it's an early storm, traveling is pretty treacherous out there."
As of Monday afternoon, 127,318 homes were still without power.
Parts of South Carolina received between 2 and 4 inches of snow, but Saturday's storm marked the earliest snowfall in South Carolina since official records began in 1886, CNN affiliate WLTX said.
"This has been a historic event," meteorologist Daniel Bonds said. "It's unprecedented. I've run out of adjectives to describe it."
The previous earliest recorded snowfall in the area was on November 9, 1913.
Lighter accumulations of snow hit eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Temperatures in much of New England were below average over the weekend, the National Weather Service said.
Meanwhile, howling winds as high as 70 miles per hour hit areas in the Northeast, particularly along the coast.
CNN meteorologist Indra Petersons reported that 70-mph winds whipped Nantucket, Massachusetts, and Jennette's Pier in North Carolina had 68-mph winds. Winds in New York City reached 53 mph.