'Parts Unknown': Iran

Updated 4:59 PM ET, Thu March 26, 2015
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The tower in Azadi Square in Tehran, Iran, was built in 1971 in the shape of an upside-down Y. Zero Point Zero
Anthony Bourdain joins two young Iranians for chelo kabab, as close as you can come to a national dish in Iran, in a restaurant in Tehran's bazaar. Zero Point Zero
The dish comprises multiple skewers of meat and minced meat, served with rice and tomatoes. Zero Point Zero
A series of beautiful restaurants is tucked up into the hillside of Darband, a mountainous neighborhood inside Tehran's city limits. Zero Point Zero
Bourdain sits down with journalists Jason Rezaian and his wife, Yeganeh Salehi, in the mountains of Darband. Zero Point Zero
Men get their hair cut in a barbershop in south Tehran. Zero Point Zero
Bourdain and Babak Nadim, a Tehran resident, have a simple breakfast of sangak, a Iranian flatbread, on a park bench. Zero Point Zero
An Iranian family prepares a pot of stuffed kofta, or meatballs, for Bourdain. Zero Point Zero
Crowds rush in for lunch at a popular restaurant for biryani. Zero Point Zero
Bourdain stops for tea in a bazaar in Iran. Zero Point Zero
Classic cars are on display in a parking lot in north Tehran. Zero Point Zero
A intense sandstorm engulfs Tehran, seen from the top of the Milad Tower. Zero Point Zero