Classic board games we love

Updated 12:40 PM ET, Wed February 4, 2015
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Monopoly was first issued by Parker Brothers in 1935 and is now part of Hasbro. It's one of many classic games we still love. Alex Wong/Getty Images
Since its introduction in the 1960s, the original "Operation" game has spawned many variations. Spencer Platt/Getty Images
The Game of Life dates back to the 19th century and was issued in its modern form (more or less) in the 1960s. TV host Art Linkletter used to be on some of the money. Courtesy The Strong
Sorry! is based on the old game of Pachisi, later brought to America as "Parcheesi." Shutterstock
Trivial Pursuit took Canada by storm in 1982 and came to the rest of the world soon after. Hasbro
Trouble was introduced in the 1960s and was particularly popular in certain houses for its push-down dice popper. Winning Moves
Connect Four was introduced in 1974. Shutterstock
A generation of players can still recite the commercial tag line, "You sunk my Battleship!" The popular game was made into a (less-popular) movie in 2012. Shutterstock
Simon came out in 1978 and was one of the first popular games based on computer programming. Getty Images
Chutes and Ladders is based on an ancient Indian board game that eventually made its way to England as Snakes and Ladders. Milton Bradley
Twister is closely identified with the 1960s and some colorful commercials, but it remains a party favorite. Shutterstock
Candy Land was introduced in the 1940s and is intended for young children. Hasbro