5 reasons the Statue of Liberty is hipper than you think

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The Statue of Liberty turns 128 on Tuesday

She's being "dressed up" for Halloween

Her official Twitter account is popular

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Happy birthday, Lady Liberty!

The Statue of Liberty turns 128 on Tuesday, and she’s never looked better. Still tall and regal, you may overlook this American icon because she’s been around for so long. But trust us: She’s kind of a badass.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. She’s on her #selfie game

Head on over to the “Crown Cam” to check out this hot “statue selfie.” It’s just one of a few cameras set up at EarthCam.com to capture the action on Ellis Island.

2. The hip-hop crowd loves her

Want some street cred? Throw a line in your rap song about La Liberty, and it’s all good. From Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind” (“Statue of Liberty, long live the World Trade”) to Ludacris’ “Undisputed” (“So put ya fist up, even the Statue of Liberty lit a flame for the way that I lit my wrist up”), she is hailed.

3. She celebrates holidays

The Statue of Liberty will reportedly do some crossdressing for Halloween.

Designer Nick Graham has said he will outfit her in a few bow ties to celebrate both the holiday and the launch of his new menswear line. The 60-foot, 35-pound bow ties won’t actually be draped around the statue but will be flown near it using helicopters for a quick photo op.

“I was just thinking of something that would be fun to do, dressing up something very large,” Graham told ABC News. “Mount Rushmore is too far from here, so the next best thing is the Statue of Liberty.”

Speaking of costumes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – and there’s a “sexy Statue of Liberty” outfit for sale.

4. She’s all about social media

It would be a monumental misstep if Lady Liberty wasn’t on Twitter, right?

The statue often retweets fans sharing their experiences visiting her. And she has a Facebook page that features facts and historical photos.

Now we’re just waiting for her Instagram account.

5. She is a total New Yorker

Cosmopolitan, elegant, tough under pressure and a survivor (remember when she closed during the government shutdown?), it’s no wonder when TV and movie directors want to show the city in all its glory, there is a shot of her front and center.

Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on you, Lady Liberty.