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White House fence jumper identified

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A judge declared the latest White House fence jumper incompetent to stand trial.

Dominic Adesanya struggled with U.S. Marshals in court Monday.

He yelled: "Somebody help me, please!"

Washington CNN —  

A federal judge ruled Monday that the latest White House jumper is incompetent to stand trial, and ordered 23-year-old Dominic Adesanya held for more psychiatric testing and treatment.

Adesanya looked across to his lawyer and could be heard by spectators as he repeated the judge’s word “incompetent?” He was told to be quiet, and the judge re-read a report that declared him presently unfit to understand the charges against him.

At the end of the proceeding, Adesanya stood and yelled “stop, you’re not gonna do this to me!” and began to struggle with U.S Marshals as they tried to lead him away.

He had not been restrained by handcuffs or leg irons for his appearance in court, despite previous resistance at an earlier court proceeding. As he moved away from the defense table a Marshall standing behind him quickly grabbed him in a bear hug and lifted him off the ground.

Several other court security workers rushed toward the man and hustled him out a courtroom door used for those in custody. As the door closed, Adesanya yelled “Help me! Help me!”

The metallic sound of chains and someone saying “Relax! Relax!” could be heard in the courtroom as the struggle behind the closed door apparently continued. Then, “Somebody help me, please!, it’s a scheme!” was the last utterance heard from Adesanya as his voice trailed off in the secure hallway not visible to spectators.

Neither of Adesanya’s parents were in the courtroom for the proceeding. Judge John Facciola ordered 45 days of psychiatric testing and treatment, and set another court date for Dec. 22.