#testing, #testing: What the famous said in their first tweets

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  • Monica Lewinsky is perhaps the latest well-known person to join Twitter
  • Her first tweet, "#HereWeGo," was a cautious one
  • Some famous first tweets show humor, awareness of the platform
If your first tweet sets the tone for what you're all about, what are we supposed to make of #HereWeGo, Monica Lewinky's first social media salutation?
Is she expressing anxiety at plunging into the sometimes scalding cauldron of Twitter? Or maybe just giving a shout-out to Bud Light?
Time will tell, but Lewinsky is not the first notable figure to make a cautious debut on social media. Perhaps that's understandable for someone like the former White House intern, who has a complicated relationship with the public.
Monica Lewinsky tweets: #herewego
Monica Lewinsky tweets: #herewego


    Monica Lewinsky tweets: #herewego


Monica Lewinsky tweets: #herewego 02:24
But then what's comedian Jimmy Fallon's excuse? He debuted on the platform with the lukewarm greeting,"I'm getting started on twitter," in 2008.
There's certainly an art to it. Most of us, thankfully, can blunder onto social platforms in anonymity, but if you're Lewinsky, Warren Buffett or Hillary Clinton, you're bound to get more attention than the average twit.
Lewinsky's Twitter debut this week prompted us to look back through the archives for some memorable first tweets. Do you remember yours? (This tool will help.) Feel free to share it in the comments.