Sweden hunts for mystery sub

Published 1:04 PM ET, Mon October 20, 2014
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Fast-attack craft with the Swedish Navy patrol the Stockholm Archipelago on Sunday, October 19, as the Swedish military searches for the source of mysterious radio signals that were beamed to a Russian enclave. Marko Saavala/TT News Agency/AP
In this handout from the Swedish Defense Ministry, a dark object in a white wake is seen in the Baltic Sea. Some suspect it is the mysterious vessel the Swedish Navy is looking for. SWEDISH DEFENCE HANDOUT/AFP/Getty Images
The Swedish Navy minesweeper HMS Koster patrols the Stockholm Archipelago on October 19. Marko Saavala/TT News Agency/AP
The Swedish Navy corvette HMS Visby patrols the Stockholm Archipelago on October 19. Russia has denied it has any vessel in Swedish waters. Marko Saavala/TT News Agency/AP
A member of the Swedish military mans a gun on a fast-attack craft on Saturday, October 18. Pontus Lundahl/TT News Agency/AP