'The Walking Dead': How gross was that?

The October 19 episode of "The Walking Dead" featured an unappetizing scene.

Editor's note: The following story contains spoilers from the October 19 episode of "The Walking Dead."

(CNN)Gross is par for the course when it comes to "The Walking Dead."

From the zombie autopsy in the premiere episode of season 2 to just general feasting by the undead, the hit AMC series is not for the squeamish.
But even die-hard fans were a little shocked Sunday night at a scene in which the character Gareth and his group of hunters turn into cannibals and eat Bob's leg.
Happy early Halloween people!
    How do you think that scene compares to these other stomach-turning TV moments?
    1) A foot meets a chainsaw on "Grey's Anatomy"
    Back in 2007, the medical series did a Halloween-themed episode that should have prepared us for anything.
    Hardly anyone saw it coming when a disturbed patient, who was convinced his left foot didn't belong to him, got hold of another patient's chainsaw and tried to take it off. Dr. Callie Torres finished the job for him.
    2) Mama Pope gets desperate on "Scandal"
    Last season, fans of ABC's "Scandal" watched horrified as Olivia Pope's mother tried to gnaw through her own wrist in a "suicide" attempt meant to get her transported from being locked up to a hospital facility. It worked and the scene led to some hilarious memes.
    3) Butt wait on "House"
    On the now canceled Fox series, they gave a cadaver a colonoscopy with disastrous results. It wasn't pretty when the water pressure caused the dead body's innards to explode all over Dr. Eric Foreman. Seriously.
    4) Pig out on "Survivor: South Pacific"
    Things can get pretty gross in the world of reality TV, too, but in 2011 contestants on the CBS reality competition had to snag hunks of pig using only their mouths - and they weren't allowed to swallow. So in addition to watching them make a mess of the swine, viewers also got to watch the contestants spit.
    5) Eye-popping scene on "Game of Thrones"
    The HBO fantasy series "Game of Thrones" is another that is known to not spare the eyes of fans, and during this past season there was a scene involving a character's orbs. During a "trial by combat," a character known as The Mountain gouged out the eyes of another using a technique that would be the envy of any slasher film villain.