5 scary good healthy Halloween treats

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These Halloween recipes are healthy and fun alternatives to popular treats

Try chocolate-covered fruit, a veggie cockail, jello brains or peanut butter pumpkins

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We love Halloween season. Sweets. Sweaters. Sipping hot cider (maybe spiked). Halloween can certainly get you in the spirit, and nothing warms our hearts like these healthy Halloween treats that help you stay energized instead of stuck in a sugar coma.

Don’t worry, we’ve included all the good stuff: cheese, chocolate and even a cocktail!

English Muffin Creatures from Connecticut Working Moms

We know how hard it is to resist buying those holiday-decorated sugar cookies at the grocery store. All those colors, shapes, sprinkles and sugar! That’s why we love these treats that use cream cheese and English muffins instead so you can get your “cookie” decor in without the sugar surplus.

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Peanut Butter Pumpkins from The Smart Cookie

Why get your chocolate-peanut butter fix with store-bought candy when you can make this tasty treat? Then again, they are almost too cute to eat. Go for dark chocolate to add extra antioxidants and use peanut butter without added sugar and hydrogenated oils to keep it healthy.

Strawberry Ghosts from Muffin Tin Mom

Chocolate-covered strawberries aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. Turned upside down and dipped in white chocolate, these ghoulish treats are scary easy to make and eat. Use organic strawberries when possible – the conventional fruit tends to have high levels of pesticides.

Sludge Monster Martini from Nom Nom Crunch

It’s easy being green with all the fruits and veggies in this monster cocktail. Spiked with vodka and triple sec, this adult treat becomes more thrilling if you add tonic. If you’re partying with a black light, your drink will glow in the dark!

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Orange-O-Lanterns from Fork & Beans

Zombie lovers, eat your brains out with this surprisingly healthy Halloween snack. Pop the top on these unassuming jack-o-lanterns to find an edible vegan-carrot brain that is about as close to a trick and treat that you can get.