Neil Patrick Harris checks ‘Host the Oscars’ from bucket list

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Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Tonys four times and Emmys twice to critical acclaim

His charm, sense of humor and ability to dance and sing should help on the Oscars stage

The bucket list includes "Have children" and "Get married"

Harris is the father of twins and husband of David Burtka

Los Angeles CNN  — 

Neil Patrick Harris revealed he will host the Academy Awards next February by tweeting a video of him checking “Host the Oscars” from his “bucket list.”

“I’m in,” Harris said in his revelation video. “Nice!”

The camera then panned down to a yellow legal pad which displayed “NPH’s Bucket List.” The first 19 of 20 items were checked, from “Jump out of a plane” to “Write a book.”

One item not on the list – but which the Oscar job puts him one step away from achieving – is to become the first “EGOT” host.

Harris hosted the Tonys four times and Emmys twice. If he can also land the Grammys gig, then he would be the first person to host all four top showbiz award ceremonies.

The charm, sense of humor and ability to dance and sing a great opening number that earned him critical praise at the Tonys and Emmys should serve him well on the Oscar stage, where several recent hosts have been panned for a lack of entertainment skills.

NPH passes on hosting “The Late Show”

Other accomplishments on his bucket list included “Have children,” which he checked off with the birth of twins by a surrogate mother in 2010, and “Get married,” which happened when he wedded David Burtka last month.

The ‘NPH bucket list’

Jump out of a plane

Move to NYC

Saw a lady in half

Win a Tony Award

Perform with the Muppets

Star in a TV show

Bungee jump

Rap with Snoop Dog(g)

Juggle flaming torches

Star in Broadway show

White water rafting

Become an imagineer

Fly in hot-air balloon

Birthday treasure hunt

Meet the President

Have children

Sleep in Cinderella’s Castle

Get married

Write a book

Host the Oscars