Ready for Hillary's haul came from more 38,000 contributions, according to group spokesman Seth Bringman.
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Ready for Hillary's haul came from more 38,000 contributions, according to group spokesman Seth Bringman.

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Ready for Hillary raises over $2 million in last three months, spokesman says

Number is in line with what the group has raised in the past

Third quarter sees Ready for Hillary focus on more than just fundraising

So far, the group has raised over $10 million

Washington CNN —  

Ready for Hillary, the super PAC urging Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016, raised over $2 million and had 21,000 new donors in the last three months, officials from the group said Wednesday.

Ready for Hillary’s haul came from more than 38,000 contributions, according to group spokesman Seth Bringman, giving the group an average contribution of $52.

The $2 million is in line with what Ready for Hillary has raised in the past, but slightly less than the record $2.5 million the group raised in the second quarter.

Ready for Hillary is part of a cadre of pro-Clinton outside groups that are organizing for Clinton’s likely run at the presidency. Unlike other super PACs, which are focused on communications and large-money donors, Ready for Hillary has tried to focus on small, grass-roots donations. So far, the group has raised over $10 million.

But in the third quarter of 2014, Ready for Hillary also moved to do more than just raise money and began to raise its profile in the eyes of many longtime Clinton confidants by having a large presence at events like September’s Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola, Iowa.

Led by former Clinton aides and supporters, the super PAC also began to dish out money to state parties, local candidates and other Democratic groups, as well as helping raise money for 2014 candidates whom Clinton has endorsed.

After Clinton endorsed Bruce Braley in Iowa, for example, the group blasted out an email to its supporters asking them to donate money to the Democrat’s Senate campaign.

Ready for Hillary also maxed out contributions during the third quarter to Vincent Sheheen, South Carolina’s Democratic candidate for governor, Bakari Sellers, the state’s Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor and the South Carolina Democratic Party.

Donating money to state parties has been a Ready for Hillary strategy for much of the year. Last month, a source with the group said Ready for Hillary had donated thousands of dollars to 29 state parties. Most of these donations were close to $10,000, the maximum the group can give to a state party.

Part of this stepped up involvement in early states is in reaction to the fact that other possible 2016 Democrats are already making moves there, too.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley moved political staff into South Carolina in August and has been raising money for state Democrats for months. Vice President Joe Biden also has been heavily involved with helping local South Carolina politicos raise money since 2013.

Ready for Hillary began sending political staff to 14 states – including Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire – on October 1.