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Clinton: Is that a marijuana plant?
Washington CNN  — 

Campaigning in Colorado for Sen. Mark Udall on Monday, Hillary Clinton couldn’t help but see the green stuff all around – even in the coffee.

While visiting a local coffee shop, Clinton admired the designs topping her and Udall’s lattes.

“Look at you, you got like a plant,” Clinton said to Udall.

“Is that a marijuana plant?” Clinton asked.

“That’s exactly what it is,” the barista answered jokingly.

Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational purposes in a 2012 referendum and the plant has become somewhat of a state hallmark.

Clinton was especially impressed with the barista’s design for her drink: a pig, which she called “really neat.”

Clinton’s husband President Bill Clinton famously answered that he tried pot, but “didn’t inhale” and never tried it again.

And in a CNN townhall this summer, the former secretary of state recognized the benefits of medicinal marijuana, but said there hasn’t been enough research on the plant.

As for recreational use, Clinton called states the “laboratories of democracy” and said she wants to wait and see “what the evidence is.”

But Clinton, who said she has never tried pot, said there’s no chance she’ll try the drug out herself.

“Absolutely not,” she said in June. “I didn’t do it when I was young, I’m not going to start now.”

Dan Merica contributed to this report.