'The Mortal Instruments' as a TV series?

Story highlights

  • "The Mortal Instruments" could soon be a TV series
  • Its production company has reportedly hired a showrunner
  • The first adaptation performed poorly in 2013
"The Mortal Instruments" may not have taken off in theaters, but that doesn't mean it can't work on TV.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, production company Constantin has hired a showrunner to help translate Cassandra Clare's popular young adult series to the small screen as a "high-end drama."
The first adaptation of Clare's "The Mortal Instruments" was introduced in theaters to dismal results in 2013. "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" starred Lily Collins as a young woman who learns she's part of an ancient league of demon hunters, and performed poorly enough to put the hope of a "Mortal Instruments" franchise in jeopardy.
It was not only pilloried by critics, but also earned just $31 million domestically -- not a good start compared to other blockbuster YA adaptations like "The Hunger Games," which earned $408 million domestically for its first film, and "Twilight," which earned $192 million.
At first, production company Constantin was going to examine moving forward with additional movie releases of author Clare's novels, but it seems the company has now set its focus on TV. Unlike a theatrical release, which usually has a running time of one to two hours, a TV production would allow a more intricate and expansive telling of Clare's work.
Constantin has reportedly tapped Ed Decter as showrunner, and has the goal of launching production next year.