Pentagon to release secret codename of anti-ISIS operation

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The Pentagon has selected a codename for the anti-ISIS military effort

The codename has not yet been released, but will be in the near future

Washington CNN  — 

The military operation against ISIS now does have a name but the Pentagon is not expected to reveal it until later this week, a U.S. official confirms to CNN. The name will not be made public until a formal ‘execution order’ covering the entire mission against ISIS is published by the Defense Department’s Joint Staff perhaps as soon as Wednesday,

Naming the operation is a fairly bureaucratic matter, but it is typically done in large scale or significant military operations as a means of providing a mechanism for everything from budgeting of funds to awarding of medals. The execution order will spell out these details, as well as potential command arrangements, and a formal military definition of the mission.

The order is not expected to be made public until after a Tuesday meeting of about 20 international chiefs of defense staff from members of the coalition meet in Washington behind closed doors to discuss the way ahead in the coalition, the official said.

On the issue of the name, the official said the military has made sure the name is acceptable in languages other than English so it does not cause offense when translated.

Much has already been made of the name of the enemy. President Obama and the U.S. Government call the group ISIL – Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. CNN has been referring to the organization as ISIS, shorthand for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

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