Wolf Blitzer's 'Roots'

Updated 10:03 AM ET, Tue October 14, 2014
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A young Wolf Blitzer poses for a photo while living in Germany in the late 1940s. His parents moved there from Poland after World War II. Courtesy Wolf Blitzer
Blitzer, left, is held by his babysitter in Germany with his sister Helena and his cousin Israel Friedman. Courtesy Wolf Blitzer
Blitzer is held by his mother, Cesia. Courtesy Wolf Blitzer
Blitzer stands with his mother and his sister Helena in Germany in the late 1940s. Courtesy Wolf Blitzer
Blitzer's father, David, holds him and his sister in the early 1950s. Courtesy Wolf Blitzer
Blitzer and his parents visit Niagara Falls in the 1950s. Both his mother and father are from Poland and survived the Holocaust, but they lost their parents and many other family members. Blitzer's parents met on a train while traveling between Poland and Germany looking for surviving relatives. Courtesy Wolf Blitzer
Blitzer, right, is pictured with his father and his sister in Buffalo in the 1960s. Courtesy Wolf Blitzer
Blitzer's father and his uncle Sam Friedman, seen here, opened a small deli in Buffalo called Blitzer's. Wolf used to pack eggs on Sunday mornings there. Courtesy Wolf Blitzer
This portrait shows Blitzer's grandparents Wolf and Chaya Zylberfuden. Both of them died in the Holocaust, but Blitzer carries on his grandfather's name. Courtey Wolf Blitzer
Blitzer visits the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps where his paternal grandparents were killed during the Holocaust. CNN
Blitzer stands at the entrance to Auschwitz, where the Nazis had a slogan, "arbeit macht frei," that translates to "work will set you free." CNN
Blitzer visits his mother in Florida in 2014. CNN