Sanjay Gupta's 'Roots'

Updated 10:06 AM ET, Tue October 14, 2014
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CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta recently traveled to Pakistan, India and Michigan to trace his roots. "A beach. A camel. Karachi. Three things I never imagined going together," Gupta said. "But it ended up becoming the beginning of our whole journey." CNN
Gupta and his mother visit the city of Tharushah, Pakistan. "My mom fled this land as a refugee nearly 70 years ago," Gupta said. "We are looking at the first traces of something familiar. We were overcome with a sense of history." CNN
"My mom told me that the young children all sang songs as they fled the small city. Here at the modest gate to the city, she sang the song for me, remembering every single word," Gupta said. "My mom is a pretty terrific singer. Who knew?" CNN
Gupta, his wife and their children pose for a photo in Haridwar, India. "The whole family took a bath in the Ganges River, one of the holiest rivers in the world," Gupta said. "When I explained to my three daughters that it helped purge us of our sins, they suggested that I should've stayed in the river longer!" CNN
Gupta and his family visit an expert in Haridwar to trace his father's lineage. "I think my mom is overcome with emotion at seeing the scrolls, while my daughter appears to be asleep!" Gupta said. "She will understand the meaning of these scrolls one day." CNN
"The scrolls you are looking at have been kept over a thousand years," Gupta said. "They have recorded my family's history going back at least that far, even before there was formal paper. On this day, our whole family and my extended CNN family left our mark for my descendants — perhaps a thousand years from now." CNN
Gupta's parents are seen on their wedding day in Detroit. They met in Michigan. "It was the mid-1960s, and almost all Indian weddings were arranged," Gupta said. "My parents, however, will tell you they got married because of love. It is how they live their lives and what they taught their two sons." Courtesy Sanjay Gupta
Gupta is seen at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. "The days of big hair and bigger smiles," Gupta said. "I was a 23-year-old surgical resident, and I could not have dared imagine how the next 20 years would play out. At least I am still smiling." Courtesy Sanjay Gupta
Gupta talks to his father at the University of Michigan. "This may have been my favorite interview of all," Gupta said. "My dad was always a one- or two-word answer sort of guy. Here on the steps of the Michigan Union, he opened up in way I had never heard my whole life. He talked about his fears, his legacy and his love for my mom. We chose this spot because we both attended this university, separated by 20 years." CNN