Chris Cuomo's 'Roots'

Updated 10:01 AM ET, Tue October 14, 2014
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CNN's Chris Cuomo poses with his wife, Cristina, and his eldest daughter, Bella, ahead of the Festival of San Rocco in Sant'Arsenio, Italy. Cuomo recently traveled to Italy to trace his roots. John Griffin/CNN
The Sant'Arsenians were so excited about Cuomo's arrival and the CNN "Roots" project that they marked his presence on a poster for the festival. The festival's highlight is the "Palo," or pole-climbing competition. John Griffin/CNN
The village of Sant'Arsenio, as seen from up in the hills. John Griffin/CNN
Cuomo is the low man during a practice run for the "Palo" competition. The pole is greased with pig fat. It takes four men stacked on top of one another, and then the top man scampers up the pole to recover various goodies: prosciutto, cash and even cigarettes. John Griffin/CNN
Cuomo poses with his team from the pole-climbing competition. His teammates train all year for it. John Griffin/CNN
Cuomo's great-grandmother, born in 1869, was dropped off at an orphanage a few blocks away from this building -- the main church, or duomo, in Cava de' Tirreni, Italy. John Griffin/CNN
The beach in Salerno, Italy. The Tyrrhenian Sea is on the left. High in the hills are the towns where the Cuomos lived before making their way to America. John Griffin/CNN
Cuomo poses along the Amalfi Coast. John Griffin/CNN
The main pier in the seaside city of Positano. John Griffin/CNN
Positano, Italy, as seen from the water. John Griffin/CNN