Fleetwood Mac expands tour, performs on 'Today'

Story highlights

  • Fleetwood Mac announced new tour dates
  • Group's "On With the Show" travels include Christine McVie
  • Members performed on "Today" show

(CNN)"On With the Show," indeed.

Fleetwood Mac is showing no signs of discord these days. The long-running band, which famously aired its internal problems on such albums as "Rumours" and "Tusk" and broke up for several years in the '80s and '90s, announced Thursday that its new "On With the Show" tour has been extended well into 2015 with 28 new dates.
The new tour includes keyboardist and singer Christine McVie, who had been away from the group for 16 years.
    The band made the announcement on NBC's "Today" show, where they stopped to play and engage in some upbeat banter.
    "It's hard to really believe that she actually ever left, because she came back and she just threw herself into it in such a strong and confident way. It was almost like it was a parallel universe, that maybe we left," said Stevie Nicks. "I hear her count off songs and it's almost like the 16 years that she was gone didn't exist."
    Lindsay Buckingham agreed.
    "Everything has come back better than ever," he said.
    The band opened the tour September 30 at Minneapolis' Target Center and played New York's Madison Square Garden on October 6 and 7. The tour includes stops in Boston, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Toronto, as well as a return engagement at Madison Square Garden.