Behind the scenes of 'Parts Unknown': Paraguay

Updated 5:16 PM ET, Thu March 26, 2015
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The latest episode of "Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown" takes the host to the South American country of Paraguay for the first time. Bourdain boards the Cacique II and takes in the view of the capital city of Asuncion. Zero Point Zero
Bourdain and Peter, a German expat, sit down to dinner on the deck of the Cacique II at sunset as it steams up the Paraguay River. Zero Point Zero
Bourdain speaks with a local fisherman who is selling shotguns along the Paraguay River. Zero Point Zero
A cook aboard the Cacique II prepares lunch of local river fish. Zero Point Zero
Bourdain sits down in the historic dining room of the Gran Hotel Paraguay with writer Guido Rodriguez Alcala. Zero Point Zero
Back in Asuncion, Bourdain and Peter head to to Lomilitos for greasy Paraguayan street food. Zero Point Zero
Bourdain heads to a sprawling ranch outside Asuncion for a typical weekend asado, or barbecue. Zero Point Zero
Bourdain's crew films a traditional guarani band at the ranch. Zero Point Zero