With 'Twin Peaks' return, what else should be revived?

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  • "Twin Peaks" returning in 2016, latest show to be rebooted
  • Bringing back old shows combines nostalgia, need for content
  • A number of old shows could use revivals

(CNN)If you haven't heard, "Twin Peaks" is coming back.

On Monday, Showtime announced that the early-'90s David Lynch series would return for a limited run in 2016.
    A new "Twin Peaks" could be intriguing, since the show was so labyrinthine to start with. Indeed, the Internet erupted with enthusiasm at the news. Other ideas, such as the possibility of a "Say Anything" TV series, haven't been so well received.
    Nowadays, there's no reason that a show has to die completely. Thanks to the endless appetite for content and nostalgia, old noble failures can be repurposed, rethought and recast to make shiny NEW failu -- uh, hopefuls. (Besides, as the saying goes, there's nothing new under the sun.)
    What could these shows be? A long time ago -- back in the '90s and '00s -- there was a program on the now-defunct network Trio called "Brilliant But Cancelled," which was a way to showcase a number of notable network programs that died before their time.
    It was a chance to look anew at shows such as Larry Gelbart's "United States," the prescient "Profit" and the bizarre "Lookwell," starring Adam West and created by Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel. (Trio, which had an interesting mix of old talk shows, British reruns and a smattering of new programming, also died before its time, with its plug pulled in 2005.)
    We've come up with our own list of TV series that we wouldn't mind seeing get a second shot. With the right brain trust, some of these programs can be better than they were.
    The best example is probably "Battlestar Galactica," which in its original incarnation was an old-fashioned space opera. When it was brought back in 2004, it became a trenchant commentary on terrorism, religion and its impact on society.
    What other shows could be rebooted? Check out the gallery for a few suggestions -- and join the comments to add some of your own.